German Tour Fall 2006

Sixth Day: Stuttgart
I’m Coming Hoooooome!!
10. Oktober 2006

After we chitted, chatted, had a great breakfast, all took a shit, had a shower and felt just great, we went out to the the city of munich…..aka shopping hahaha:) ate at the local pizza hut and enjoyed the bright munich weather, we went back on the road for stuttgart….a show we all have been looking forward to, because we would meet our friends in so far away, plus get to see one of the best new german bands (in my opinion), watch out!

everybody felt like shit after the ride, plus we bought audio books that were sold as the new frightening thing, but in the end were only like…..i dunno……amateuric, quietly mixed pieces of dirt. oh well…….

through it all had their demo release party and i believe that fans of terror would really enjoy their tough guy mosh…….then us, solid set, not great, not bad, but solid. so far away were really good….but watch out tore up the stage, plus jogges of sidekick fame sang two bad brains covers, whcich was really cool to see, since i never had the chance to see the amazing sidekick live.

afterwards, gossip, hate, love, whatever with some of our new friends in stuttgart and then back home… bed by 7.45am.

we cant wait to do this again….

Fifth Day: Munich
9. Oktober 2006

The day began with shopping at h&m, since each and every member of the band forgot to either bring a sweater, a belt, wanted to check out new stuff and all…..hahaha, BUT: we got on the road just in time for the loooong drive.

we arrived in munich somewhen around six in the evening, summed up to something like 7 hours in the car…..i didnt have to sit in the middle ditch so basically, i didnt give a shit. all i can say about bavaria is that it is beautiful…too bad it is way to conservative, too. otherwise itd be something like the place to be, i suppose.

let me put it this way: the sunny red/feierwerk venue is every bands dream!! the catering is awesome, the people are just plain ass cool and you get somewhat of an artist apartment. a clean bathroom, a sorted and filled fridge, great comfy beds and everything you need!!! the sunny red really should be the tourstop of each and every artist touring in germany, period. thanks again to johannes and the dude we got wasted with afterwards.

the show started with a noisy showcase by a girl in a cephalic carnage shirt with all kinds of distortions, screams, growls and flutes. that is all i can say about that. aftwerwards, a local band named binford played and were surprisongly good, even though I think the name doesn’t fit the musics sound….our set was one of the best of the tour and so we sold a buncha stuff and had a blast with the people afterwards…it was like a disco, only with the pa blaring hits to the likes of mliw, dead hearts, carry on, cro mags and so on………..michbeck was the winner of the day.

thanks to everybody at sunny red.

Fourth Day: Lüdenscheid
8. Oktober 2006

after getting amped up and back on the road again we arrived in lüdenscheid around like four o clock. the show was set to start at five and i guess nobody knew it was a matinee. 15 people showed up, but still, we gave it all and played hard, so did intruder. too bad everything counts had to cancel the show, woulda been a blast to meet tha dudez again…..oh well.

afterwards we really wanted to go to the movies, but lüdenscheid is weirdly opionated on how much it should cost… bucks is waaaay too much, so we went to a bar, where american ben and blazin björn kicked everybody’s ass in pool and fussball. the food was awesome, i think i ate the best kebap ever there. plus they have this mexiacan place that sells fried cheese balls that are bombin. go there, get fat.

the night was awkward but one of the best experiences in band history…..there were horrific noises, supported by urban legends, the junkie kid that lives out back and thumping sounds of homeless people. sounds like shit, but it really was fun! we would like to say hi to björn, one of the sickest dudes we met on this tour!!! we look forward to being in lüdenscheid again!!!!

Third Day Bad Oeynhausen…
The Beat Goes On.
7. Oktober 2006

after getting home from weimar at like 8 in the morning, i laid down to get some rest…..yeah right, as if. i had to get my clothes washed, my shit straight, bills paid and all the yada yada.

we arrived at the haus der jugend around six thirty that evening, where our boys in step by step had already chilled in. sweetness. chitted and chatted with them and intruder, went shopping, ate great food and met friends. it seemed to be a promising show.

step by step kicked it off with an energetic old school set, anybody that likes newer graffiti, grooving old school should really check their demo out, great stuff. then we played second, the set was good, too bad there were more people taking pictures than actually ancing and singing with us, but hey, it’s the first tour, we’re new and ambitious, we dont really care, its all hard work. intruder, as always, played a flawless good set with great cover songs and the amazing new material.

we are all looking forward to getting back on the road again, lüdenscheid is promising to be a nice experience. please be there……

Second Day: Weimar Gerberstrasse
6. Oktober 2006

After staying at verenas house for another cuopla hours (thank you so much again!!!! but you really need to straighten up your cat! that kid is crazy!!), having an amazing breakfast and checking out ghetto kreuzberg, we headed towards weimar. another 4 hours later, we reached the city and all i can say is that it is beautiful!!!! we shopped around, ate the most amazing ice cream ever at the atrium mall, until we headed back to the venue for dinner…….the food was great, the people were so incredibly nice to us and the location is nearly perfect for hardcore shows!!!!!

we started off and played a great set, the best so far, until intruder went out for world domination again…..let me put it this way: i have never in my entire life seen a bass string rip, bär of intruder mastered that TWICE. the show was great, again, but the long pauses between songs kinda watered down the atmosphere….neverless, great band, great show.

then, make it count, who we expectd nothing of, completely tore the roof off!! i have never, ever, ever, ever seen a german band like that! i truely believe, that even in america or wherever else, they would completey steal the „big guys“ the show. i am a huge fan, plus they are extremely cool dudes, so everybody should check them out on my space and purchase their record that was released on tuell records!!!!

good night, good fight.

First Day: Berlin Casseopeia
5. Oktober 2006

so this is it, we thought, as we left herford train station at about 1pm…our very first tour after only 6 shows of existance. well, right on the first day we realized what touring really is: endless traffic jams, we hopped from one to the other, arguments on who gets to sit up front and who has to sit in the middle ditch of the back seat, hahaha. well, with a slight delay of four hours, we reached casseopeia and loved the place instantly, it’s like a huge skatehall with a buncha cafés and stuff around, you can also participate in climbing, plus there’s a club where they book shows and let bands rehearse, awesome. our bro prinz pi stopped by, so we chitted and chatted and hung out with intruder and reborn 2 conquer.

we set the show off with a good, solid set. reborn 2 conquer played some serious beatdown hardcore that got some crowd response until our homes in intruder completely tore the shit up! casseopeia was sold out and everything was great! singalongs, dives, piles and everything!!

afterwards we all got crunk in magnet club. y’all know, we LOVE this disco shit.