The Band

To make a short story even shorter: since our first show in august 2006 we have played more than 70 shows including a germany tour, one european tour, a 7″/CD release, some line up changes and other fun and not so fun stuff. Hailing from a very small town in Germany we are trying to put all our influences together ending up playing some fast rocknroll. I guess. We shared the stage with great bands such as (warning: namedropping content!) Have Heart, Stretch Arm Strong, Sinking Ships, Black Friday 29, Lion Of Judah, No Turning Back, Death Is Not Glamorous, Ruiner, Fucked Up, Another Breath, Zero Mentality and many others. Fall 2007: we have just recorded some new stuff and getting prepared for our upcoming euro winter tour with The Homefront (USA). So stoked.

xoxo, nnne 10/2007

Mark (Vocals)


Daniel (Guitar)


Michbeck (Guitar)


Tim (Bass)


Kestner (Drums)

Kestern (Drums)